Kaumudi 18/12/2019 Blog

The Ideal Starting Point

by Dr. Arunachalam R A look into how supply chain can be invaluable as a strategic activity. The evolution of any good business evolves from a budding idea. The strategy usually ...

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Kaumudi 05/11/2019 Blog

A Sale is Only the Beginning

by Mr Murali M In today’s market, the bar of consumer expectations have been raised and the customer expects top quality service as an integral part of the sales experience as ...

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Kaumudi 15/10/2019 News

Best Mission Critical Services Company 2019

It was a great day for Team ProConnect at the 13th Edition of Express, Logistics and Supply Chain Leadership Awards. The team won the Best Mission Critical Services Company of the ...

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Kaumudi 10/10/2019 News

Connecting the Dots

Dr Arunachalam R, CEO, ProConnect Supply Chain Solutions, gives his insights on the transformative phase of 3PLs with the introduction of several reforms and initiatives and the ...

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Kaumudi 04/09/2019 Blog

Retaining the gen-next workforce

By Mr Kannan Ramamoorthi Job retention strategies have been evolving as long as employment itself has been around. Creating value has always been a two-way street- the employee ...

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Kaumudi 23/07/2019 Blog

Picking it up

By Mr. B. Balasubramanian Due to the highly visible nature of warehousing services, improvements in the sector must be swift and faultless. To upgrade warehouse performance, it is ...

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Kaumudi 16/07/2019 Blog, Technology

Bringing it all together

By Mr. Tejo Joseph An overperforming application is always appreciated. But when it is combined with another overperforming application, you have an absolutely flawless ...

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Kaumudi 09/07/2019 Blog

Ensure future-readiness of your organization’s Accounting Department with these digital tools

by Mr. Chandrasekhar Swaminathan The ever-changing nature of an industry never fails to remind us of the digital evolution taking place at every step. In the department of ...

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Kaumudi 01/07/2019 Blog, Technology

AI & the Future of Transportation Analytics

by Mr. Murari S. ProConnect proudly presents NethraPro, a revolutionary AI tool that helps take proactive actions to ensure timely and accurate delivery. Transportation ...

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Kaumudi 02/05/2019 Blog, Financial

Top Five CFO Responsibilities

by Mr. P. S. Kasi Viswanathan, Chief Financial Officer. The role of the CFO in any company has changed dramatically in recent years, more so in services industry where being cost ...

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