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ProConnect offers data-driven supply chain consulting services that assist businesses in getting the most out of their supply chains. With increasing pressure to perform and deliver in the competitive market, reassessment of the existing supply chain processes is needed.

We work with you to transform your supply chain into a strategic asset by using our extensive industry expertise, knowledge, tools, experience, and abilities in addition to our focus on finding solutions to supply chain and logistics difficulties.

 1. Is your supply chain network design optimal?

The supply chain network design is referred to as a working model that outlines the general structure of a supply chain to calculate the costs and lead times associated with getting products to market. This methodology aids in identifying supply chain inefficiencies and dangers.

 2. Do you have the right supply chain process in place?

Every step taken to provide a finished good or service to the consumer is included in the supply chain. A distribution center or retail location may be where the final items are delivered to the customer once the raw ingredients are sourced, moved to manufacturing, and transported there.

 3. Having difficulty integrating demand and supply with how much inventory & where?

Creating value for the firm’s internal and external customers at all relational linkages, from supply to demand, is the goal of demand and supply integration. This is done by continuously managing market knowledge and business intelligence to provide consumers with goods and services they will find value.

4. Does your technology and planning processes appropriately manage your supply chain complexity?

The complexity created by new technologies, particularly in the areas of shipping and transit times, has gotten out of hand for any single team or division.
It’s crucial to build enduring, gratifying relationships. These connections should be created methodically and carefully kept up. Consider your suppliers more than just vendors; consider them strategic partners. Your capacity to manage the supplier relationship will increase as your suppliers’ ability to get involved in the success of your company grows.

 5. Are your supply chain processes lean and agile?

The capacity to move fast and effortlessly is referred to as “agility.” In business, particularly in supply chain management, that notion of a fast and simple moment works effectively. A focus of an agile supply chain strategy is maintaining a high level of efficiency while being responsive and flexible to shifting client needs. When there is significant supply and demand uncertainty, this approach should be adopted.

ProConnect studies and offers a most opted supply chain consulting in order to be competitive with optimized cost with improved efficiency & visibility and agility.

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