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Key Logistics Trends for 2022 – A ProConnect Insight

February 17, 2022 BlogTechnology

It’s that time when the start of a new year leads everyone to make predictions about what we can look forward to in the next twelve months, we have estimated some basics, the challenges faced and hence the same have been mentioned which are some of the key logistics trends that shall be a differentiator in the year 2022 and ahead.

A few of the key logistics trends that shall be looked at aggressively from here are:

  • Faster Processes with Intelligent Automated Integrations in the Warehouse (Hyper Automation):

With challenges in manpower procurement, rising labour cost and accuracy in managing Inventory, this is the need of the hour. The ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) industry is expected to grow to $12.9 million by 2027, a 7.2% increase. ASRS solutions are helping warehouses fulfil the need to achieve rapid expansion and production change.

  • Micro-Fulfilment Centres & Last-Mile Delivery Solutions:

The on-demand delivery on the hyper-local model in last-mile by grocery and retail companies is changing faster than estimated and hence this shall have lots in investment in having dark stores, micro fulfilment centres to cut the cost of transportation/storage and TAT overall. Various studies have shown that Micro-fulfilment centres will continue to rise in 2022, as they are expected to grow 60% by 2026. Additionally, 74% of consumers typically spend 12% more with e-commerce businesses that have superior last-mile delivery services.

  • Increased Warehouse Efficiency with Robotic

Warehouse efficiency is a critical point that businesses need to solve in 2022. In fact, according to a recent report from IDC Manufacturing Insights“A major share of business leaders (88%) say that increasing supply chain agility is now one of their top three supply chain imperatives”. Robotics help optimize inbound and outbound processes to create the best solution for supply chains. Robotics can configure automated and intelligent factories with a wide range of applications. Because of the low cost and quick response times, robotics will continue to increase warehouse efficiency into 2022 and beyond.

  • Continued Labor Shortages Lead to a Hybrid Warehouse:

The pandemic situation over the last 2 yrs had shown huge pressure on labour shortages and their consistency leading to a high gap in throughput, inventory controls and hence increased cost overall.

ProConnect is driving the new automation framework along with the consolidation of space to optimise and make roads ahead for automation solutions implementation within the warehouse. The higher demand from e-commerce shall continue to drive the market for the next 5-7 yrs and hence it is important for us to invest in smart automation.

At ProConnect Supply Chain, we are consistently innovating and implementing technology solutions for scale and output. The smart supply chain for the high-value industry where outsourcing is not only about being a manpower service provider but resolving the problem of end-end supply chain logistics is what we are solving for.

Mr. Dilip Sharma

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