Kaumudi 27/05/2020 Blog, Business

Team Spirit at the workplace

by John Rehgan Ways to increase team spirit at the workplace Great work environments don’t happen overnight, but even the best managers won’t get much done without a ...

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Kaumudi 19/05/2020 Blog, Technology

Digitalizing Supply Chain Management

by Nukala Kameshwar Rao With the aggressive pace of economic growth, India is on a fast track to development, powered by innovation and disruption across key sectors, encouraging ...

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ProConnect 10/05/2020 Blog, News

Impact on Warehouse Space Absorption & Future Trends in Logistics Industry – Webinar Report – COVID 19

Webinar on COVID 19 – Impact on Warehouse Space Absorption & Way Forward to Logistics Industry was attended by over 1200 individuals with a mix audience of Supply ...

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Kaumudi 06/05/2020 Blog

All Stacked Up and Rooted

by Samir Kadam Revisiting the vital basics of warehouse operations to ensure they are not left out in a bid to modernize a warehouse. Up until a decade ago, a warehouse was not ...

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Kaumudi 23/04/2020 Blog

Consumer durables and its challenges during COVID19

by Ashish Kumar Singh ProConnect’ s Pan India presences helped many large & medium format OEMs & Organised Consumer retailers (E-Com, Non-E-Com) to increase their ...

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Kaumudi 17/03/2020 Blog

The 8 golden rules to ensuring optimal warehouse space utilization

by Akash Trivedi. Why wait to Implement the Golden 8 for warehouse space utilization? It is a new day for the supply chain industry in India. Technologies are being implemented, ...

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Kaumudi 18/02/2020 Blog

A Big Plus

by Prakash Sriraman, The Medical Devices industry is booming and there can be no better logistical partner than ProConnect Supply Chain Solutions. India’s recent history with ...

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Kaumudi 03/02/2020 Blog

Logistics Growth Story in India

by Ramya Pattabiraman, A look into how the logistics industry has seen its share of growth in India. The logistics industry has seen some exciting times in the recent years. The ...

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Kaumudi 22/01/2020 Blog

Partnering with Efficiency

by Mr. Retash Agarwal At ProConnect, we provide unparalleled 3PL services that help completely alleviate you of your logistical worries. Partnering with us is akin to partnering ...

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Kaumudi 07/01/2020 Blog

People, Process, Technology- The right PPT mix for a PBT bounty.

by Mr. B. Balasubramanian An ideal mix of PPT, or People, Process, Technology is what an organization needs to capitalize on PBT. Thanks to the culture of customer centricity, ...

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