Kaumudi 04/08/2020 Blog, Managerial

Importance & advantages of competency mapping for an Organization

-Sudha K The benefit of competency mapping is that it creates standards for employee training and development specifically tailored to our organizational needs. Creating a ...

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Kaumudi 23/07/2020 Blog, Science

E-Pharma: The next stop for retail market

-Retash Agarwal E-pharma to become the next stop for online retail market growth in India. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s third-largest drug producer by ...

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Kaumudi 09/07/2020 Blog, Lifestyle

Retail Evolution: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

  -Suresh Lakshmipathy Retailers operate in a highly dynamic and competitive customer-driven market, that requires constant adaptation to meet the changing expectations of ...

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Kaumudi 03/07/2020 Technology, Uncategorized

How cloud computing is keeping us connected?

– Jayashankar K Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical ...

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Kaumudi 19/06/2020 Blog, Managerial

Important Tips For Effective Logistics Management

–  Mr Ajay Kumar Dwivedi Effective Logistics is an important part of the warehouse management and plays a very crucial role in Supply chain and Logistics industry. For the ...

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Kaumudi 12/06/2020 Blog, Managerial

Leadership and its characteristics

-Kumar K Mehta A leader is one who guides and directs other people, he gives the efforts of his followers’ direction and purpose by influencing their behaviour. Therefore, ...

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Kaumudi 27/05/2020 Blog, Business

Team Spirit at the workplace

-John Rehgan Ways to increase team spirit at the workplace Great work environments don’t happen overnight, but even the best managers won’t get much done without a ...

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Kaumudi 19/05/2020 Blog, Technology

Digitalizing Supply Chain Management

– Nukala Kameshwar Rao With the aggressive pace of economic growth, India is on a fast track to development, powered by innovation and disruption across key sectors, ...

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ProConnect 10/05/2020 Blog, News

Impact on Warehouse Space Absorption & Future Trends in Logistics Industry – Webinar Report – COVID 19

Webinar on COVID 19 – Impact on Warehouse Space Absorption & Way Forward to Logistics Industry was attended by over 1200 individuals with a mix audience of Supply ...

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Kaumudi 06/05/2020 Blog, Technology

All Stacked Up and Rooted

– Samir Kadam Revisiting the vital basics of warehouse operations to ensure they are not left out in a bid to modernize a warehouse. Up until a decade ago, a warehouse was ...

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