08/08/2018 Blog

FMCG supply chain challenges and overcoming them

by Dr Arunachalam R, Chief Executive Officer. The FMCG sector is one of the most interesting sectors in India today because of its potential. It is expected to reach US$ 103.7 ...

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11/07/2018 Blog

Faster Moving Goods, Smarter Thinking Consumers

by Mr. E.H. Kasturi Rangan, Director. I would like to talk about three trends on FMCG sector supply chain that have been in conversations in these past few months.  GST ...

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27/06/2018 Blog

The Dot Com(e) in Consumer Electronics

by Mr. K S Raghu, General Manager. The way consumers shop for electronics has evolved and this new trend in the purchasing experience is here to stay. E-commerce has changed and ...

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22/06/2018 Blog

Challenges in the electronics supply chain industry

by Mr. K S Raghu, General Manager. We are living in an age where the electronics market is governed by how the products are placed, bought and re-ordered. The plethora of ...

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15/05/2018 Blog

Spare Parts Logistics for Aviation Industry

by Mr. A. Venkataraman, Vice President, Mission Critical Supply Chain division. Air transportation has truly made the world a global village.  Whether passengers or cargo ...

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