15/05/2018 Blog

Spare Parts Logistics for Aviation Industry

by Mr. A. Venkataraman, Vice President, Mission Critical Supply Chain division. Air transportation has truly made the world a global village.  Whether passengers or cargo ...

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17/04/2018 Blog

E-commerce supply chain is constantly evolving

by Mr. A. Ravikumar, GM-Business Development. As the purchase trend is evolving, so is the market that is handling its mechanics. While supply chain experts are stepping up their ...

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27/03/2018 Blog

Finance- Moving Logistics Forward

by Mr. P.S.Kasi Viswanathan, Chief Financial Officer. Traditionally, Finance and Logistics have been two distinct and independent roles. While Logistics would like to hold ...

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20/02/2018 Blog

Technology is driving businesses forward

by Mr. T. Manivannan, Vice President, Operations. Globally, from Amazon to Alibaba, Uber freight to drone delivery, logistics technology has been at the forefront in the last few ...

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30/01/2018 Blog

Consolidation is the near future

by Dr Arunachalam R, Chief Executive Officer. The supply chain and logistics industry in India is certainly taking turn for the better. The companies of the trade are seeing the ...

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