11/07/2018 Blog

Faster Moving Goods, Smarter Thinking Consumers

by Mr. E.H. Kasturi Rangan, Director. I would like to talk about three trends on FMCG sector supply chain that have been in conversations in these past few months.  GST ...

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27/06/2018 Blog

The Dot Com(e) in Consumer Electronics

by Mr. K S Raghu, General Manager. The way consumers shop for electronics has evolved and this new trend in the purchasing experience is here to stay. E-commerce has changed and ...

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22/06/2018 Blog

Challenges in the electronics supply chain industry

by Mr. K S Raghu, General Manager. We are living in an age where the electronics market is governed by how the products are placed, bought and re-ordered. The plethora of ...

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15/05/2018 Blog

Spare Parts Logistics for Aviation Industry

by Mr. A. Venkataraman, Vice President, Mission Critical Supply Chain division. Air transportation has truly made the world a global village.  Whether passengers or cargo ...

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17/04/2018 Blog

E-commerce supply chain is constantly evolving

by Mr. A. Ravikumar, GM-Business Development. As the purchase trend is evolving, so is the market that is handling its mechanics. While supply chain experts are stepping up their ...

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