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September 10, 2020 Blog

ProConnect is the service supply chain partner you’ve been looking for and having the option to use our technical services is a tremendous bonus. We know that the Full Unit or any spare parts  require additional services — minor to major — that can make a huge difference in Customer Satisfaction

Technical Services in Offer

  1. Validating the Defective returns for NTF or NFF
  2. Warranty Management – Both in or out of warranty
  3. In-House / On-Site Validation
  4. Sub-assembly level Swap outs
  5. Software/Firmware Upgrades
  6. ECO – Engineering Change Orders
  7. Level 1 to Level 4 repairs
  8. CTO – Configure To Order
  9. Kitting through Salvage Process

Outsourced Technical service solutions, as part of the service supply chain, enable the customers to avail  Qualified Manpower, ISO-certified processes, State of the Art Equipments and Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities thru our ERP/CRM without incurring Infra costs.

Depot Repair Services:

  • Centralized and Authorized parts Repair / Recovery  Depots can get the parts/sub-assembly level swap-outs back into life faster and more efficiently
  • Level 1 to Level 4
  • Repairs through New Spares or Salvaged spares are possible.

Products That can be Serviced:

  • Any IT and ITES related Products
  • DC Power Supply Related Devices
  • Medical Instruments
  • Motherboards of any types of equipment/Machinery

In-House or On-Site Validation – Test and Screening to complete diagnostics and solutions with reduced downtime and transportation costs. Tools or Devices can be organized locally with required quality certifications and calibrations

Our Configure To Order services begins with Products Robust Data Acquisition and Asset Tag Creation. Then other steps such as Image Download/Upload, Personalization, Handshake with the  Clients Servers/Cloud happens. Finally Kitting and if required Door Delivery etc. can be done. This kind of Services help Global clients to Upgrade their Computers across the world uniformly in quick time and keep it confidential as well

Engineering Change Order Management Speed fulfilment of your engineering change orders using our technical services.

Hardware Only Units can be imported to India and the clients required/customized Software can be installed to make it Complete Functional Device Tailor-made for the End User.

Technical Benches on Demand Services can be availed by the clients to enable their Service Partners to utilize our State of the Art and ESD Controlled Work Benches on Short or Long Term basis.

The repair services partner’s support does not end with Reassemble or Configure the final device with 100% accuracy, but also documenting the events properly.

  • NTF/NFF (No Trouble (Fault) Found) –  Visual & Functional validation before an item is sent for Advance Warranty Replacement (AWR)
  • MTTF (Mean Time to Failure) – Improves our Performance by tracking the likelihood of failing
  • Cycling through repair – Potential improvement in the repair process
  • Ageing Cycle –  Aging and Burn in Time Data analysis to prevent customer service headaches
  • Failure trends analysis – To help identify potential parts issues and implement CAPA proactively
  • DOA/ELF (Dead on Arrival/Early Life Failure) – Highlight problems with set-up, quality, installation, and service that could negatively impact customer confidence

Value Analysis: Products that come to our facility can be evaluated to reduce costs or improve function (or both) in the Clients Manufacturing Processes. We can help the client to find out Field-Induced Defects especially specific to India.

– Gunasekaran C

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