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Supply Chain Innovation – The ProConnect Way

June 9, 2021 BlogTechnology

Innovation is the development of new customer value through solutions that meet new needs, unarticulated needs, or old customer & market needs in new ways. Supply chain innovation is not equal to invention or improvements but doing things differently.

Supply chain and innovation might seem like two different activities, but in fact, they generate significant interaction. When it comes to supply chain innovation, we generally mean improvements in the way that supply chains operate. More specifically, in the way that products, information, work, and funds flow (and are temporarily stored) throughout supply chains. Once a product is designed, the supply chain comes into source materials, manufactures the product, and gets it to the market. As products move through the four life cycle phases, successful supply chain services are flexible enough to react to the rapidly changing needs.

Innovations in logistics have the right benefits both in times of crisis and well-being. They allow to reduce costs, better use of resources and faster response times, and hence the faster response of companies to the ever-changing market conditions. At ProConnect, the use of information technology in supply chain management provides improved visibility, accountability & flexibility to our customers.

ProConnect Supply Chain Solutions capability into critical services has been proven across verticals such as medical devices, IT & ITES, Automotive, ECom, Fashion & Lifestyle. Use of technology can bring the necessary transparency into the whole process. It allows customers to have better control over product & information flow across the supply chain. Since 2019, we have been using NethraPro, a revolutionary AI tool that helps take proactive actions to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

At ProConnect, we consider this revolutionary AI tool a major USP that enables us to live up to the highest standards in transportation. NethraPro tracks the estimated date of delivery and the estimated time of arrival (EDD/ETA) of a trip with high precision and returns relevant data to its users. The future lies in real-time vehicle planning, vehicle utilization, and delivery scheduling backed by solid real-time data that is easy to comprehend and ready to be utilized.

Key Highlights of NethraPro are:

  1. Reusable – battery operated GPS :
  • Uses a small device that can be placed anywhere in the vehicle independent of vehicle power to track the vehicle.
  • Charge lasts up to 20 days based on pulse frequency of tacking – Customizable.
  1. One time use tracker:
  • A device with a small battery capable of use independent of vehicle – works for up to 10 days.
  1. Digital Lock based Tracking:
  • Uses an advanced digital lock that can lock the vehicle door and act as a GPS tracker.
  • Doubles up as a GPS device and enables tracking based on a set frequency.
  • Alert in case of the lock is disturbed, broken, or an attempt is made to break.
  • Preset alerts to Control tower based on various criteria.
  • Delay alert on the trip level.
  • Unscheduled stop alert.
  • Geofence-based alert for departure and arrival.
  1. SIM based tracking:
  • Enables a tracking based on one-time consent – SIM of driver tracked.
  • GPS locations relayed to the Control tower.
  • Manages one-time trips well.
  • ePOD
  • POD through driver Android app – Instant upload to server.
  • One-time SMS-based POD – Independent of Android app sent as SMS to the driver.

We ProConnectian’s believe & keep investing time & again in new technology offerings for our customers which differentiate our offering from other industry players. We would aim ourselves to be remembered in the mind of the customer as “Most Innovative Supply Chain Partner”.

– Niranjan Kulkarni

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