People, Process, Technology- The right PPT mix for a PBT bounty.

January 7, 2020 Blog

by Mr. B. Balasubramanian

An ideal mix of PPT, or People, Process, Technology is what an organization needs to capitalize on PBT.

Thanks to the culture of customer centricity, customer delight is paramount and the lack of it could prove fatal. An organization cannot hope to provide customer delight unless it has the right PPT mix- People Process and Technology.

Based on the customers’ expectations, a supply chain plan must be conceptualized to meet them and satisfy the customer. The supply chain process must be designed to adopt the right technology and to exclude any non-value adding activities. All of these should be backed up with People-employees, who are enriched with the necessary Process training.

The ideal mix of PPT is imperative if one is to achieve the targeted PBT while ensuring customer delight. Enrolling an unnecessary number of people to gain the desired output without paying attention to productivity could prove harmful. It may, without a doubt, result in a dent in the PBT, which is an undesirable outcome.

Another aspect that negatively impacts an organization’s PBT is the investment strategy for Technology implementations. One must be careful not to over-invest in tech, which may be a result of force-fitting solutions to problems. If the investment made fails to have an adequate trade-off, or fails to justify itself with ROI, the PBT is sure to suffer.

Though you have people and technology, but if it is not coupled with efficient end-to-end process which is not reviewed regularly for continual improvement then it may not provide customer delight and will definitely reduce your PBT due to non-value added process or activity.

So, let’s ensure that our People are always empowered with necessary training for new technology and processes regularly and let’s measure every output based on the productivity benchmark.
Let’s review our existing operating procedures regularly for continual improvement.
Let’s evaluate and make wise decision for technology /automation implementation based on real need and not on the basis of conditions. Once it is decided let’s ensure that it is implemented 100% and able to return the required benefits from its application.

Let’s keep in mind the three reasons of healthy returns- People, Process and Technology. When we ensure to have the right mix of this PPT, it would automatically take care of the organization’s PBT in a healthy and wealthy way.

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