Partnering with Efficiency

January 22, 2020 Blog

by Mr. Retash Agarwal

At ProConnect, we provide unparalleled 3PL services that help completely alleviate you of your logistical worries. Partnering with us is akin to partnering with efficiency itself.

Demand and consumer centricity are on the rise. Companies are now producing more, have more customers and making more efforts to reach them. In a bid to do justice to the increase in demand & volumes, companies are stepping up their logistics efforts by partnering with efficient 3PL service providers. Time and efficiency being paramount, companies must choose the right 3PL partner to succeed.
ProConnect provides the right skill set and experience to prove itself the ideal 3PL partner.

Working with ProConnect has some major benefits:

1- Scalability – ProConnect is proficient in handling scale especially based on seasonality. Ramping up and ramping down of manpower is done tactfully, without affecting the day to day operational productivity. Thanks to the diverse industry experience of personnel, ProConnect can respond to spikes in demand at a quickened pace.

2- Service Improvements – For ProConnect, success is synonymous to the success of the client. ProConnect partners up with clients to help boost productivity and the overall operational efficiency. Periodic reviews and performance analysis are conducted to ensure all the SLAs are looked after.

3- Operational & Industry Expertise – Industry compliance and excellence are guaranteed as a key part of the offering from ProConnect. The pool of versatile and highly qualified manpower is always at the ready to provide the operational efficiency of the highest quality to ensure the best service.

4- Technology Access – ProConnect offers unmatched process improvement protocols with the latest technologies designated to create state-of-the-art distribution centres at Chennai and Kolkata. The experience of on-site personnel in handling high-level HDR equipped with VNA technology and WMS interfaced operations brings in the highest level of efficiency. ProConnect also enables cost savings with the usage of shelving, HHT, gravity conveyors, telescopic conveyors, gravity chute systems, VRC and more.

5- Geographic Reach – With a network of over 170 warehouses & handling over 7 million sq. ft. space in India, ProConnect offers an unequaled Geographic advantage. In addition to the reach, ProConnect also offers assistance in the selection of the right warehouse with all the necessary compliances in place.

6- Cost benefit – ProConnect, with its vast and versatile resourcefulness, offers improved efficiency, demonstrable productivity, automation, scalability, industry and operational expertise and every key element necessary for cost effective operations.

Be it customer delight, operational efficiency, or sheer industry knowledge, ProConnect has the right talent onboard to provide the best service that the industry can offer.


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