The 8 golden rules to ensuring optimal warehouse space utilization

March 17, 2020 Blog

by Akash Trivedi.

Why wait to Implement the Golden 8 for warehouse space utilization?

It is a new day for the supply chain industry in India. Technologies are being implemented, upgrades are being queued, trade conditions are being enhanced and spaces are being revamped. The consolidation of spaces and the many upgrades that come with it, bring in unique challenges that need to be tackled strategically. It is easy to get lost in the frenzy to overcome these hurdles one after the other. To make the transition to modernity a little simpler, one could keep in mind these golden rules that help zoom in on the vital details that help utilize warehouse spaces efficiently.

1) Make the most of vertical space

Make sure you’re using all the vertical space available. You need to thoroughly verify the storage media to take advantage of your clear span height. Be sure about the design as it might impact your sprinkler design and fire code.

2) Consolidate warehouse locations

If you have multiple locations for storing the same item, combine them to ensure better warehouse space utilization. You can do this efficiently during the put-away process.

3) Consider drop-shipping

If you store and ship large items, you can utilize drop shipping to reduce your in-house inventory and costs.

4) Keep an eye on aisle widths

How wide are your warehouse aisles? Try to design the minimum width required to match the material handling equipment used without compromising operating efficiency.

5) Strategize packing material storage

If you have to store packing materials, try to manage the inventory to avoid overstocks. See if your vendors can keep store inventory at their site for you and take delivery every few days.

6) Use your docks wisely

If you have separate shipping and receiving docks, consider combining them to save space.

7) Consider mezzanine installation

If your building layout permits it, consider the use of a mezzanine to house functions that do not require high-bay storage. These can be expensive and are fairly permanent but will maximize warehouse space utilization.

8) Make room for more

You can effectively use the space available in receiving area and a shipping area which is usually not well utilized. To create additional space, it is possible to add storage locations above the dock doors that do not interfere with receiving or shipping.

Ensure you follow these golden tips and watch your productivity improve.

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