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Importance & Advantages of Competency Mapping for an Organization

August 4, 2020 Blog

The benefit of competency mapping is that it creates standards for employee training and development specifically tailored to our organizational needs. Creating a competency map helps to drill down to the skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviour required for the work.

Competency mapping involves finding out the key skills and behaviours which are required for a particular position in an organization. It can be used for establishing the working culture of the organization, strategies and goals of the organization and for benchmarking the goals of the employees.

The purpose of implementing competency mapping is for ensuring the competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness inside the organization. It is these standards in competency marking that sets the benchmark for employees.

Performance appraisal forms are duly filled based on the level of skills of employees which makes them suited for a particular role in the company. After assigning the employees based on their competency it is the responsibility of HR to do an analysis of the strong and weak points of employees.

The advantages of competency mapping for the organizations are as follows:

  • Establishes expectations for performance excellence
  • Improved job satisfaction and better employee retention
  • Increase in the effectiveness of training and professional development programs because of their link to success criteria
  • Provides a common understanding of scope and requirements of a specific role
  • Help teams and individuals align their behaviours with key organizational strategies

The advantages of competency mapping for the managers:

  • Identify performance criteria to improve the accuracy and ease of the selection process
  • Provide a clear foundation between the managers and employees and performance, development, and career-oriented issues

 The advantages of competency mapping for the employees:

  • Identify the behavioural standards of performance excellence        
  • Provide a more specific and objective assessment of their strengths and the tools required to enhance their skills
  • Enhances clarity on career-related issues
  • Helping individuals understand how to achieve expectations

– Sudha

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