E- Pharma: The next stop for the retail market

July 23, 2020 Blog

E-pharma to become the next stop for online retail market growth in India. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s third-largest drug producer by volume and the country’s market manufactures 60% of vaccines globally.

India supplies affordable and low-cost generic drugs to millions of people around the globe and operates more than 250 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and UK Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved plants. Furthermore, its active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) market is forecasted to attain a revenue of $6 billion by the end of 2020

As economies around the world are suffering from the impact of Covid-19, pharmaceutical & E-Pharmaceutical companies taking centre stage in the Covid-19 fight

During these unprecedented times, E- pharmaceutical companies are responding to the rapid challenges arising from the disruption in supply chains and the need to change business processes. ProConnect is been helping its Customer’s by ensuring fulfilment of their order during these unprecedented times.

With govt approvals, e-passes to all its employees, Safety, Screening, ensuring social distance. ProConnect is been fulfilling all the orders received on the companies portal. Despite challenges such as low manpower during the lockdown, the ground team has been working hard to ensure that people get ample supply of medicines without any dismay.

Every Pharma business is backed by a set of experienced & registered pharmacist, it is the responsibility of these pharmacists to validate the orders & approve them for processing. Every order that is received is being checked by a team of registered pharmacists. Without a valid prescription, the medicines are not dispensed.

Broadly the process is:

1) Receipt, QC, Batch number, Expiry date verification & segregation

2) Batch number update, Putaway & GRN Update

3) Pickup as per picklist

4) Verification of Batch number & Expiry date – 1st level check

5) Sales invoice

6) Re-verification of the Sales invoice, Prescription & Medicines – 2nd Level Check

7) Packaging as per norm, under a separate camera for future verifications

8) Courier handover & update in the system

With storage under ambient temperature between 20°C to 25°C & all process under CCTV, ProConnect ensures all statutory compliances are very much taken care of. Every such business is handled by a couple of experienced pharmacist on the floor to ensure care & movement of right medicine with the right prescriptions. Reach out to ProConnect to experience their E-pharma facility.

– Retash Agarwal

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