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February 18, 2020 Blog

by Prakash Sriraman,

The Medical Devices industry is booming and there can be no better logistical partner than ProConnect Supply Chain Solutions.

India’s recent history with the medical devices industry has been nothing short of a miracle. In the last decade alone, India has climbed to the top 4 consumers among Asian countries. The Indian medical devices industry, as predicted by industry experts, is expected to reach US $50 Bn by the year 2025. This target seems more and more achievable as the years go by and the market exponentially grows. The industry in India is filled with large multinationals which have extensive service networks to service their clients. Along with several big players, the industry also comprises of small and medium enterprises that are responsible for the industry’s growth rate. A staggering CAGR of 15.8% is observed in India, as opposed to 4.1% for the global medical devices industry. The major share of total exports in the sector emerges from diagnostic imaging and consumables. Apart from these, dental products, surgical equipment, analytical instruments, patient aid products make up an appreciable portion of trade, contributing to the whole.

Supply chain support services play a vital role in the success of this industry. This being a highly time and quality-sensitive sector, planning the logistics of medical devices proves crucial and could very well mean the difference between life and death. Due to the nature of the medical devices industry, there needs to be round-the-clock supply chain support service with real-time order visibility across the country.
At ProConnect, we deliver the promise to arrange for round-the-clock deliveries on demand. We leverage our 20-year logistical experience in the field to provide the best service in the market, which is complemented by a pan-India presence with 171 warehouses. Each of our warehouses is equipped with the expertise that is required to ensure spotless running of the entire supply chain and to provide unmatched service that helps further your business targets.

We are committed to providing the best-in-class logistical support with our expertise in Mission Critical Services, that comprise of round-the-clock support throughout the year. More than that, we provide 4-hour Critical Parts Delivery services, Next Flight Out Support (NFO), After Sales/Warranty Support, Sprinter/Hand carry Mode & IOR/EOR Management & more. Additionally, our Temperature Controlled facilities also ensure best-in-class sub-zero storage systems. Our Reverse Logistics with call centre support ensure the best end-to-end services for worry-free traversal of goods in either direction.

At ProConnect, we also provide SCM support for exhibition movements that require customized packaging, storage and movement of goods. Our well-trained workforce is proficient in the safety and expert handling of goods to provide unequalled service quality. To add to this, transaction-based storage costs, committed time-bound delivery and an interface designed to communicate the real-time status of shipment complement the expertise that ProConnect offers.

Needless to say, with the proficiency, costs and commitment to unwavering quality, bringing ProConnect onboard to handle your medical devices Supply Chain is the perfect choice.

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